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Just a homepage. Some things about life, computers, the internet and me.


YEAH! After nearly throwing up on Hans Dominiks Atlantis (I put up reviews of the books I've read recently in the german-version[1]) I picked up something reliably good: Anne McCaffreys Die Welt der Drachen/Dragonriders of Pern from my bookshelf. Read it a decade or two ago. It immediately brought back the mood I was in then, and the tune used in the C64-Game, to my mind and my whistling lips.
Right now, the .sid[2]-tune is, via xmms, in my ears, too. OK, it's squeaky but still far better than most of the crap the industry is trying to sell to us as music, nowadays.
The same for games. They were simpy better then. Less bombastic but with idea, wit and atmosphere. With VICEs help, i was able to take over control at Benden Weyr, once again. 8-)))

[1] Well, I do think my english is quiet fair and good enough not only for IT-Stuff but also to read and eventually enjoy literature written in english. The well known "Project-Level".
Anyway, I'm far from being on a level in which I would feel comfortable to judge any writers/translators talent using a language in whichs usage I have to resort heavily to dict.tu-chemnitz.de when writing "texts" longer than the usual post to a mailing-list.
[2] SID was/is the Soundchip used in the C64. Today it seems to be the standardpostfix for C64-music-/sound-files.


Unbelievable! I really managed to get injured cutting a bun! Maybe I should have second thoughts on my doityourselfish ambitions?
Well, at least I didn't banally cut myself with the knife but wrought a bread crumb underneath my thumbnail. It even bled! If I get blood poisoning on my tombstone be engraved:

"A bun was his Perdition."

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